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Letter West • June 5-8

Join Mary Kate in Salt Lake City, Utah for her workshop at the Letter West conference. This workshop is for beginners and seasoned lettering artists. You will learn the process of lettering with critiques and guidance throughout the entire process. The goal of this session is to learn the basics of lettering, try new exercises and warm ups and create a hand lettered journal cover completely by hand using analog materials.

Workshop materials provided.

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By Mary Kate McDevitt
By Mary Kate McDevitt
Workshop with Mary Kate McDevitt
By Mary Kate McDevitt


First Steps of Hand Lettering


Learn the basics of hand lettering with the popular online workshop that's inspired more than 50,000 Skillshare students! Lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt covers everything beginners need to draw, ink, and transform handwriting into artful drawings.

  • Researching and Brainstorming

  • Sketching for Lettering

  • Styles for Lettering

  • Inking and Finalizing


The introductory class is filled with links, resources, and project guides to support you along the way. Plus, the class student project gallery is filled with tons of guidance, examples, and tips for guiding your own lettering project.

Final Steps of Hand Lettering


Join lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt as she shares her step-by-step process for creating a final hand lettered piece of art. This class focuses on digitizing your drawings, adding color, and creating texture. The result are breathtaking lettering illustrations with final, professional polish!

  • Digitizing

  • Adding color

  • Creating texture

  • Finishing touches

Even if you're already a skilled letterer, you will learn new tips on what to avoid when adding color and texture, and how to make a clean final file that is ready to share with friends online or send to a printer.

Lettering Improvement Techniques


Mary Kate McDevitt has been lettering and illustrating for years, constantly refining and improving her work. Over the years, she's learned to critique her own lettering, noticing common mistakes and how to fix them. In this comprehensive 55-minute class, Mary Kate will share her tips to critique your own work and solve students' most common lettering missteps, including:

  • Awkward Letterforms

  • Unbalanced Composition

  • Style Mismatched to Concept

  • Extraneous Details

In bite-sized lessons, you'll follow Mary Kate through creating a lettering piece from start to finish, considering the 5 flags for self critique as you go. She will point out examples, common issues, and fixes along the way. You'll also watch Mary Kate critique and improve an old piece, providing opportunities to improve your eye.

Vintage Lettering: Styling Phrases for Timeless Appeal


Join Skillshare teacher Mary Kate McDevitt as she explores vintage inspirations in this 30-minute, project-based class. As you watch her step-by-step process for redesigning a vintage package, you'll learn the crucial skill of how to interpret reference material without copying, while also practicing own concepting, sketching, lettering, and layout skills.

  • Interpret inspiration

  • vintage resources

  • applying vintage style lettering

Along the way, Mary Kate shares tactics for flourishes, tips for achieving a vintage look, and useful questions to guide your own packaging project. By the end, you'll have a beautiful, hand-lettered piece to transform a soap or chocolate label, embellish a brand identity, or share with a loved one.

Lettering with Illustration


Join Mary Kate McDevitt as she brings lettering to life with illustration. This 35-minute class explores using concepts to drive the style of your lettering and finding inspiration in reference materials. Focused on sketching, you’ll explore 3 different approaches

  • Illustrations alongside typography

  • letters taking the form of objects

  • subtle motifs throughout letterforms


By the end, you’ll create your own hand-lettered illustration inspired by your favorite animal. This class and project is perfect for beginners seeking a fun project as well as intermediate and advanced students looking to deep-dive into a sketching challenge.

Mary Kate McDevitt