Mary Kate McDevitt is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Philadelphia, PA


Recent Projects


Illustration Workshop

I'm very excited to share my new book, Illustration Workshop. I wrote this book for aspiring illustrators, students, or anyone who loves to draw, this workbook helps to build up drawing skills, confidence, and create an attention-grabbing portfolio. 



Cold brew coffee design

I had the pleasure to design the label for Square One Coffee's new Cold Brew label. Each year they work with an artist to create a label design. It was fun to work on and the coffee is so good. Limited supply only, so grab one while they last!


Design From Memory

Ryan from the Hi-Res podcast put together this show, Design From Memory to help raise funds for art education. The theme of the show was design from memory, and we could interpret that however we wanted. I thought of the design-y games I had as a youngster and Lite Brite was among my favorites. I decided to just go with the tagline and letter it in the style of Lite Brite.


By Mary Kate McDevitt


I worked with Panera to create illustrations celebrating their Strawberry Poppyseed Salad for a swag box filled with soap, lip balm and a hat. The box is sent out to select Panera influencers to help celebrate the  seasonal salad. 

26-a lettering show

I was asked to participate in a  show hosted by We Make. 26 Lettering Show is a gallery show of typographers and letterers creating 9x9 prints, using only three colors — black, metallic gold, and WeMake orange. 


Holiday Sampler

I created this sampler to mail out to clients, friends, colleagues, and strangers for the holidays. If you're interested in some surprise mail from me, sign up for my mailing list!   

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