Scotia Bank Life Lessons Posters

I was comissioned to create a series of posters featuring life lessons from the movies based on different movie genres. It was so fun creating these illustrations and lettering. These posters were featured the 2015 Typography Communication Arts.

Client: Scotia Bank
Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Art Director: Magda Czyz

by Mary Kate McDevitt

action movies 

I worked the lettering in the city-scape to set the scene for the action movie poster. 

by Mary Kate McDevitt

sports movies 

Since this bank is a Canadian bank, it was pretty obvious to have the sports poster be based on ice hockey. To fit the lettering in the space with ease, I had the fans hold posters for the copy.

by Mary Kate McDevitt
by Mary Kate McDevitt

sci fi-movies 

I tried to incorportate as much of historical moments and objects in time in this vortex.  

rom com movies

I had the lettering and rain illustrations move around this couple to create a romantic scene.