By Mary Kate McDevitt

Editorial Work

I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of editorial projects throughout my career. This is a small collection of covers and openers for various publications.  




Baltimore Magazine Crab Cover

I was asked to create lettering for the cover of Baltimore Magazine's Crab Issue. We went with a weathered sign painted look for the final direction and I am pleased with how it turned out. 

Client: Baltimore Magazine
Art Director: Amanda White-Iseli
Photography by Christopher Myers

By Mary Kate McDevitt

Pegasus Magazine

I designed the cover for Pegasus, the magazine for the University of Central Florida for their 50th anniversary. I chose to work with a dark blue with hints of their school color, gold. In the end, we ended up doing a gold cover. 

Client: University of Central Florida
Art Director: Lauren Haar

By Mary Kate McDevitt

Disruption in the Classroom

I created this chalkboard lettering along with dropcaps for the article for Middlebury Magazine. 

Client: Middlebury Magazine
Art Director: Pamela Fogg

By Mary Kate McDevitt

Quill & Quire Cover

Lettering created for the cover of Quill & Quire for their Books of the Year issue. 

Client: Quill & Quire
Art Director: Dale Vokey

By Mary Kate McDevitt

The South's Best Farmers' Markets

A fun headline inspired by vintage packaging for Southern Magazine about an article on the best Farmers' Markets.

Client: Southern Living
Art Director: Tim Kilgore

By Mary Kate McDevitt

Oprah Magazine

Chalk lettering for Oprah Magazine about recipes that have only 3 main ingredients. The chalkboards and myself flew out for the shoot, but I finished the lettering beforehand so there was enough time to also prepare the food.

By Mary Kate McDevitt

The Problem With Praise

Lettering for an article about the problem with congratulating your kids too often and how to pay compliments that really count. I decided to go in the direction of a certificate. 

Client: Family Circle
Art Direction: Lisa Kelsey


The Comfort Food Smackdown

I had the pleasure of creating this full page illustration for Cooking Light magazine for an article on pressure cookers. The article covered what pressure cookers work best with different recipes so we went with the style of old boxing posters. I love how it turned out and it was fun creating little anthropomorphic pressure cookers. 

Client: Cooking Light
Art Director: Sheri Wilson

By Mary Kate McDevitt
Milwaukee Cover - Mary Kate McDevitt
By Mary Kate McDevitt

The Duck Course

Full page opener for Field and Stream magazine for an article on duck recipes.


Client: Field and Stream
Art Director: Kim Gray

Milwaukee Cover

Chalkboard lettering for Milwaukee Magazine's Best Burgers issue. I was asked to create a fun, type-heavy cover and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Client: Milwaukee Magazine
Art Direction: Kathryn Lavey

By Mary Kate McDevitt
By Mary Kate McDevitt

CMYK Cover

I was asked to design the cover of CMYK magazine for their 55th issue. I also did the Table of Contents page and Features page and I happen to be featured as a Rising Star in this issue.

Client: CMYK Magazine
Art Director: Ron Cala II

By Mary Kate McDevitt
By Mary Kate McDevitt

CMYK Magazine

I was asked to illustrate the TOC, features page and this fun Facebook poll asking designers what industry jargon can they live without?

Client: CMYK Magazine
Art Director: Ron Cala II